Makeup in under 10 minutes!

As I get older, the more I find myself spending less and less time in the mirror.  I love for everything to be fast…pronto…like yesterday!  I hope this isn’t a sign that I am going to be some grump old woman one day with very little patience for people.  Ohhhh well *Kanye shrug*  I have been obsessing lately in how I can cut the time it takes me to apply make-up.  I have pretty much solidified an under 10 minutes routine.  It’s super neutral but perfect for me…and I am sure the video above will help someone out!



How I grew my edges back

So if you f you know anything about me, you know I have always loved to have my hair done.  Nonetheless, all this “getting my hair done” has cost me the hair around the perimeter of my head quite a few times.  Here is a quick video about how I finally got my edges to grow back.




Hello world and welcome to Girl My Hair!  I have been so pensive lately about how I would explain the reason for naming the blog “Girl My Hair.”  Just recently I ran across this interview by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie that encapsulates the spirit of this blog.  In the interview she discusses her new book, Americanah.  The conversation spans from character development, story writing, and her own experiences in Nigeria and America. The most potent part of the interview I thought, was her her obsession with hair and  on how hair is in fact political (6:39) and a large part of our lives as black women.

Girl My Hair is a blog that will rarely delve into the politics of hair, serves as a forum for the discussion of many topics-culture, fashion, musings, music, beauty, and of course hair!  Adichie’s interview validated what I have known all along that while we are women  of many different tastes and styles, there is always the connecting thread of HAIR.