When it’s time to get a new stylist

when its time to get a new stylist

We have all been there- your schedule is so tight on Saturday, you absolutely CANNOT afford any delays- no waking up late, snail pace traffic, smudged nails at the nail salon, and definitely no spending 5 hours at the hair salon for your hair do. You arrive on time to your beauty destination. You have the “side-eye” in the anticipation of the mess that is about to pop off–because you know it’s coming. After nodding to your stylist to mark your presence, you sit in the waiting area. Never mind that there are 4 other women ahead of you. You are completely disillusioned that you will get in that chair on time TODAY.

After about 30 minutes you pick up the Hype Hair magazine that is about 4 years old. As a matter of fact, you saw the same one last month while sitting in the exact same chair. She calls you to the chair and you move like lighting to sit. She say “What you getting done today?” In your head, you are in disbelief because when you made your appointment, you specifically told the receptionist your service. That is neither here nor there so you remind her only to be ushered to the wash area where you will inevitably ruin your brand new shirt. Your head is now covered with the dreaded plastic baggie and you are placed under a dryer for a “deep conditioning” treatment which usually is no better that the stuff you can find at any beauty supply store. By the way, since when is a deep conditioning treatment 45 min? Ladies, you pretty much know the ending of this story. You leave pissed and your schedule is completely obliterated.

If this happens to you….. it is time to deal with this ‘team too much’ stylist! Here are some tips to deal with a difficult stylist:

-say what you mean and mean what you say. The 1st offense is always a very important one. For lack of a better comparison, let’s compare your stylist to a brand new puppy. You must attack the problem head on. The minute she messes up, cut up right away….but in a nice way. Think of our white girlfriends….they are the best at telling you off without telling you off

-tell her what you expect always. Ask her if she has any issue with respecting your time or your feedback? You must ask her just like that. If she gets uncomfortable, you know you may have a problem.

-plant seeds before-hand. If you know you have a big event coming up, print out pictures, bring them to the salon weeks ahead of time. Have her look at the picture while she is doing your hair. Annoy the heck out of her so by the time the big day comes around, she knows you will blow a gasket she ruins your day with a terrible style or spending too much time there.

-If this is a new stylist, give her a nice fat tip the first few visits. Hopefully, this will put you on her internal VIP list.

-Be a DIVA….Diva’s always get what they want. Establish yourself as the grand DIVA in the beginning. Know what you want, when you want it, and how you want it.

-If all else fails, throw her the DEUCE and find another stylist! Remember, when they are bad already, it will probably be really difficult to breaking them into new habits. Your best bet is to find someone new and tell everybody and their mama how bad your previous stylist was.

Here comes the sun- PART I


I know, I know-it’s a little too early to run to the mountain top and scream Spring is coming but daggit I’m tired of all this cold. I’m tired of dry scaly skin. I’m tired of my hands and feet looking like I dipped them in a bag of flour. I’m tired of my baby girl’s eczema exacerbations. I’m tired.  With all that said…I’m am springing into spring with a beauty post.  Namely, how to get your skin ready for shorts and sleeveless shirts.  Above you will find a few items that are must haves for buffed and ready spring skin.

1. Aquaphor-this is a thick petroleum based healing ointment that I would use now immediately after the shower to get my skin Spring ready

2. Gleam by Melanie Mills-This is a gold tone body radiance cream that comes in four lovely shades.  You can mix it with lotion to give your skin the “just came back from vacation, get with it glow”

3. Amlactin-when I was on my Derm rotation, I can’t tell you the countless amount of times we recommended this lotion. It has AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) which will chemically exfoliate your skin

4.  Exfoliating gloves– start brushing people–You can do this 2-3x per week to get dead flaky layers of skin off.

The natural looking lace front-is there such a thing?

Now I can’t say you guys will ever see me in a lace front wig but what I will say is that I have surely seen the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to the lace front.  I for one am a U-part type of gal, there is something about that weird part in lace fronts that reminds me of cartoon characters.  There are some girls who can wear the heck out of a lace front and have somehow managed to get the part right. For those of you who wear lace front wigs, I have compiled a list of five of the best YT lace wig tutorials.  Enjoy! xoxo -Cam

This is my personal favorite:

How to do a full wig in 30min-you guys know I love anything that will save you some time:

A bit more involved but the final look is flawless:

Ohhh those edges

Telogen Effluvium

My younger sister Chrissy is the funniest person I know.  She says the most random things that make clutch your gut and try to hold your gastric contents in.  The other day we were talking about Girl+Hair (Girl and Hair) and potential products for the future.  After much brainstorming, she said, “you guys should create a product for edges.”  I thought, everyone has a product for edges…how boring.  Chrissy believes that edges are like the ‘immunity idol’ in Survivor.  To her all you need are…edges and Jesus…LOL!

So as I was perusing my daily trashy reading, I noticed that K. Michelle inadvertently took a swipe at Tamar Braxton’s edges (see image below). *Side eye* I hate when women zing at each other. (Yeah! I call them zingers…little swipes at completely irrelevant things).  Tamar snapped back at K. Michelle explaining that she suffered hair loss after the birth of her son Logan.  You see, many women experience hair loss after a stressful event, it’s called Telogen Effluvium.

kmichelle insta edges

*Cam takes off her beauty bestie hat and puts on her DOCTA hat. (I had a hilarious patient who would scream “DOCTA” every time I passed by his room).*

Telogen Effluvium is a form of non-scarring hair loss and it is due to a change in the regulation of the hair follicle growth cycle. A larger percentage of the hair follicles will be in the resting phase than the growing phase. Therefore, there is more shedding than usual.  Anything can cause this like childbirth, major surgery, rapid weight loss, iron deficiency anemia, thyroid problems, significant emotional stress, etc.  Most people will experience hair loss two to three months after the stressful event followed by stabilization and regrowth.

So there…that’s Telogen Effluvium in a nut shell, and folks, please don’t make fun of edges :).  Stay sangin Tay Tay…we love you and your edges. BTW, my new favorite Tamarism is “Are you sureeeeee?” I always want to punctate a discussion with this.  Can you imagine? “Doctor, I prepared the patient for the OR….me…..Are you sureeeee?  hahaha!”

P.S. I will actually think about a product for edges.




Makeup in under 10 minutes!

As I get older, the more I find myself spending less and less time in the mirror.  I love for everything to be fast…pronto…like yesterday!  I hope this isn’t a sign that I am going to be some grump old woman one day with very little patience for people.  Ohhhh well *Kanye shrug*  I have been obsessing lately in how I can cut the time it takes me to apply make-up.  I have pretty much solidified an under 10 minutes routine.  It’s super neutral but perfect for me…and I am sure the video above will help someone out!



How I grew my edges back

So if you f you know anything about me, you know I have always loved to have my hair done.  Nonetheless, all this “getting my hair done” has cost me the hair around the perimeter of my head quite a few times.  Here is a quick video about how I finally got my edges to grow back.




Hello world and welcome to Girl My Hair!  I have been so pensive lately about how I would explain the reason for naming the blog “Girl My Hair.”  Just recently I ran across this interview by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie that encapsulates the spirit of this blog.  In the interview she discusses her new book, Americanah.  The conversation spans from character development, story writing, and her own experiences in Nigeria and America. The most potent part of the interview I thought, was her her obsession with hair and  on how hair is in fact political (6:39) and a large part of our lives as black women.

Girl My Hair is a blog that will rarely delve into the politics of hair, serves as a forum for the discussion of many topics-culture, fashion, musings, music, beauty, and of course hair!  Adichie’s interview validated what I have known all along that while we are women  of many different tastes and styles, there is always the connecting thread of HAIR.